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Allowed use

These general terms and conditions apply to every visitor or customer that makes use of www.interstategreenhouse.com or of the services offered by Interstate Greenhouse Company. When making use of www.interstategreenhouse.com, you shall behave as may be expected from a responsible and careful Internet user. The user can without any obligations view all data with respect to the immovable goods for purchase or hire. The user is, however, committed to not spread or commercialise the data in any way. All information on www.interstategreenhouse.com falls under copyright and/or the Databank Act, unless legally determined otherwise. Information, products and/or services provided through this website may not be reproduced, stored in an automated data file or made public in any form or in any way, being electronically, mechanically, by photocopying or otherwise, without prior written consent from Interstate Greenhouse Company.

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In case of violation of the intellectual property rights or of the above-mentioned allowed use of www.interstategreenhouse.com and/or its suppliers, Interstate Greenhouse Company reserves the right to recover from you the damage it suffers as a result of this. You declare not to make use of software or means in any form that may hamper, limit or damage the system of Interstate Greenhouse Company in any way.


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All data on www.interstategreenhouse.com can be changed without prior notice and are only for information purposes. Data, specifications and dimensions are usually based on standard models. Options and/or deviating models can change data and/or specifications and/or dimensions.


A hyperlink to the homepage of Interstate Greenhouse Company is always allowed; after all, the web exists merely by the grace of cross references. Interstate Greenhouse Company appreciates being informed on this though (through info@interstategreenhouse.com).


The information provided is supported by reliable sources, but Interstate Greenhouse Company does not guarantee that the information and material offered on the website are up to date, available, complete and/or correct. Interstate Greenhouse Company neither guarantees the information offered on the website to be free from viruses. Interstate Greenhouse Company also does not guarantee that such faults and/or deficiencies on the websites will be corrected and that viruses will be eliminated. In case of any doubts about the correctness of data, we advise you to contact the provider of this information (this will be our office in many cases). Interstate Greenhouse Company will not accept any liability for any damage directly or indirectly caused by the use of information derived from Interstate Greenhouse Company. Interstate Greenhouse Company is not involved in the actual transaction between buyers and sellers. The partners that Interstate Greenhouse Company cooperates with have their own privacy conditions. Interstate Greenhouse Company is not responsible and does not accept any liability for any action or refraining from action by these partners contrary to the privacy act and/or any regulation.

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Visiting data

Visiting data are stored on Interstate Greenhouse Company, enabling Interstate Greenhouse Company to further optimise its website. This information is of a general nature and cannot be reduced to the individual visitor.


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